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Closing the gap on your teams potential and their performance.

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Your organization has more potential, we know how to get them there.

Our main goal is to assist your employees in enhancing their satisfaction, reduce employee turnover, increase their natural emotional intelligence, improve client retention and allow each member of the team to bridge the gap between potential and performance, to truly sell and lead to their greatest capacity – and ensure that your organization sees an ROI from their investment. 

Welcome High Achiever,

You have found us because you know your company or organization can achieve more, and you’re just not sure how to get them on board and fully engaged to realize your vision.  

You are a high achiever and have big, hairy, audacious goals and you want the buy in from your team to get your there. 

You recognize the importance of your employees being a whole person and that as humans, you can’t leave your home life at home once you walk through the office door.  

And now with Covid, the lines between home life and work is blurred more than ever before.  

The difference between companies that are going to thrive out of this Covid era that forever altered the business operations landscape and ones that are going to crumble will be the ones that holistically approach leadership development and team building simultaneously.  

There’s a huge difference between leadership and management.  Leaders are people their teams will stop at nothing to follow.  Managers…well, they just manage those teams much to the demise of integrity and performance of the team.  The team’s true potential isn’t being realized in the latter.  

Progressive employers know that when their leaders are constantly being developed and encouraged to be their best self, they will unify their teams and immediately see the return in their company’s bottom line.  

According to a recent study by Pewresearch.org, 65% of workers feel less connected to their coworkers now since the pandemic.  This is highly concerning to your bottom line, 

And here’s why…

The collection of data in the Forbes magazine article states that highly engaged teams have a 21% greater profitability, 96% of employees believe that showing empathy is an important way to increase employee retention, and 89% of employees are more likely to recommend their place of work to others if their well-being is being supported.  

Any smart C-Suite, HR, or business owner can quickly do the math on these statistics and how they impact their profitability.  

And that’s just a tip of the iceberg.  

If you’re ready to explore the most cutting edge methodology in leadership development and team building, then you’re in the right place.  

This is exactly what we do here at Destination Unstoppable You™.  We close the gap between your employees potential and their performance to accelerate your profitability. 

As one of my colleagues said, “Give her ten minutes, or you’re not the smartest person in the room.”

Let’s connect today and explore exactly how we can increase your profitability through leadership development and team building. 

Destination Unstoppable You™

You've got tiger's blood...
Own it

Tiger's Blood

Everyone has it. It’s the invincible power within you that enables you to get through anything. It’s the fierceness inside you.

No one else on the planet has yours. It’s your own special DNA code running through your veins that makes you uniquely you. The one that makes you feel like you can do and be anything in business and your personal life.

You know each member of your team has it, but maybe it’s fallen asleep and you’re ready to awaken it. But you’re not sure how to discover yours or draw it out in others, let alone harness it.

That’s exactly what Brenda does. If you’re ready to discover your unique tiger’s blood, apply for a call!

The Six Pillars of Destination Unstoppable You™