Your story has not ended.

You're here to conclude this chapter and author your future, and I'm here to help compose the one you've always wanted.

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Brenda Lee, Trauma Coach and Survivor

You have a choice to allow your pain to suffocate you, or use it to expand your capacity for joy.

I know where you are. You feel half-dead, an empty shell wandering around questioning if you’ll ever feel happy again, or if you’re even capable of it now. Maybe you hide behind a forced smile, or maybe you struggle alone in isolation because there’s no safe place to expose the pain. Denial is an option, but it slowly chips away at who you truly are and limits your expectations of what joy can be. You’re breathing, but not living.

I can confidently tell you through experience that¬†everything will be ok. By being here, I know you want to be alive, either again or maybe even for the first time. Change catalyzes growth, which can be terrifying when trauma has made the definition of who you are unclear. I’m here to offer a safe, unbiased and nonjudgmental place for you to rewrite that definition. Let’s go exploring.

Which path do you choose?

This program isn't a band-aid.

Throughout the next 8 weeks, we'll examine each of the following areas of your life, together.
It won't always be comfortable, but we're not treating symptoms; we're healing the dis-ease.

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If genuine happiness was easily achieved, everyone would possess it. It may not seem like it now, but you've stumbled onto an amazing opportunity that, years from now, you'll reflect on as a significant milestone in your journey towards self-love.


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